What is Guardianship?
While studying in New Zealand, it is recommended for students to have a guardian in New Zealand on the parent’s behalf to look after the student and help with their needs.
A guardian is a person who obtains the New Zealand citizenship and acts as the main contact person for the student, homestay parents, school and parent at home.
Parents of overseas students are responsible for assigning a guardian for your child / children before coming to New Zealand.

What can NZESTAR offer?
We understand how parents worry about their son or daughter while they are away from home, therefore it is important for students to have someone locally who can speak their language and be available for them .
NZES offers quality guardianship services to students who study in Christchurch, New Zealand. We offer the first language support in Chinese, Japanese and Thai so the parents and the students can communicate with us easily.

Guardianship Application

Our guardianship services include

  • Picking up the student from the airport to the homestay family or school boarding house and vise versa when the student heads back home.
  • Assisting the student in opening a New Zealand bank account, buying school uniform, stationery, signing up to a New Zealand mobile number, getting the local bus card and any other assistance that the student may require.
  • Staying in regular contact with the student, homestay family and school and be available for the student when needed.
  • Attending all school events and PTA meetings for your children and we will send a report for parents at home each term. The report includes the student’s general and academic progress, attendance and other issues if any.
  • Helping the student organise documents for the student visa application.
  • Reporting to school and parents at home immediately if the student is in a dangerous or unsafe situation.
  • Taking the student to see a doctor if feeling unwell.
  • Arranging a temporary homestay family for students who stay in the school boarding house during the school term breaks.
  • Transfer the student to the homestay family and back to the boarding house at the end of the school holiday.
  • Solving problems between students and the homestay family if it occurs.

Guardianship Application Form

Full Name of Student (required)
Student's Date of Birth (required)
Your Contact Email (required)
Your Contact Landline Phone (required)

Authority of Temporary Guardian

(for parents/legal guardian)

I am the parent or the legal guardian of the above student. I authorize Hannah Chen to serve as temporary guardian of the above student during his/her study in Christchurch, New Zealand. I give the temporary guardian permission to care for my child in my place and make decision pertaining to my child's care; including educational and recreational activities.
I give the temporary guardian permission to authorise medical and dental care for my child, including but not limited to medical examinations, X-rays, tests, anesthesia, surgical operations and hospital care, or other treatments that in the temporary guardian's sole opinion are needed or useful for my child. Such medical treatment shall be provided only upon the advice of and supervised by a physician, surgeon, dentist or other medical practitioner licensed to practice in New Zealand. I understand the temporary guardian is responsible for caring for my child but is not liable for any activities or arrangements made only by the child or with my given permission.
This authorization will be in effect from:

Start Date
End Date

Terms and Conditions

  1. By paying the invoice for guardianship services from NZEStar, you are agreeing to NZEStar providing education guardianship services for the student whilst they are attending a school in New Zealand for the period specified on the confirmation document.
  2. If the parents wish to cancel the guardianship services they must inform the agency in writing and give one full school term as notice. If one school term’s notice is not given, the agency will refund the parents the up to the cancellation date. The expense account will be refunded in full minus any costs already incurred. Refunds will be made within 28 days of the final day the agency’s services were given.
  3. Parents agree to be responsible for all fees payable in respect of the guardianship services and act in accordance with the provision set out in the fees list and invoice.
  4. Parents are responsible for purchasing travel insurance for their child. This should cover their child for medical costs including sickness, accident or injury, loss of their study course, loss of accommodation, transportation costs and repatriation due to personal/family illness or bereavement.
  5. The agency’s liability is no more than the money we have received from the parent(s).
  6. We will not be held responsible for homestay accommodation booked by the parents directly with a host or an alternative agency.
  7. Students should also take out their own insurance policies on their personal property, i.e. laptops, jewelleries and other expensive items, as these may not be covered under the host family’s insurance policies.
  8. NZEStar acts as an agent between its students, schools, travel organisations and homestays. Under no circumstances can they be held responsible for any injury, damage loss, misadventure, delay or accident which may happen.
Full Name of Parent

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